“Less theory, more action”

Guy Fraker

IE Advisory, led by Chief Innovation Officer Guy Fraker, aims to help insurance industry organizations and executives gain the knowledge and skills to operate a successful innovation program that has a measurable impact on the bottom line.

While many companies and leaders in the insurance industry understand that innovation is critical to their survival and success, many also struggle with how to identify opportunities, align their needs with new technologies and generate quality ideas to fulfill their innovation goals. Without a framework or process, many innovation efforts stall.

IE Advisory will guide you through an innovation process that is used by leading insurance innovators to align new concepts with overall goals and generate growth. 

What we do:
  • Facilitate identification and refinement of innovation boundaries
  • Prioritize potential target markets, technologies
  • Formulate go-to-market strategies
  • Training to develop innovation skills and best practices
  • Provide assessment of current innovation processes
  • Deliver coaching and consulting on an end-to-end innovation process
Recent advisory projects:
  • Development of insurance innovation curriculum for The Institutes
  • Consulting on innovation assessment framework for rating agency
  • Innovation guidance and creation of a customized program for U.S. auto insurer
  • Innovation workshop and consulting on creation of an innovation ecosystem for an Africa-based reinsurer
  • Custom research and intelligence for U.S. workers comp carrier

View highlights of innovation experience workshop delivered to attendees of 2018 InsureTech Connect conference:

IE Advisory Services presented an innovation experience workshop for attendees of the InsureTech Connect 2018 conference,
led by Chief Innovation Officer Guy Fraker.
Guy Fraker, Principal

Guy has 30 years in the insurance industry and has been on the leading edge of building innovation systems for the past 10 years spanning primary carriers, reinsurers, and related sectors. As Chief Innovation Officer, Guy leads IE Advisory’s innovation consulting work, serving insurance companies, regulators, reinsurance firms and entrepreneurs, by helping them leverage consistent innovation for long-term leadership, growth, stability. Guy is also one of the world’s leading authorities on the risks and opportunities associated with autonomous vehicles. Prior to IE Advisory, he was chief innovation officer for Insurance Thought Leadership. Previously, he served as executive director of Cre8tfutures, LLC, a step by step “how to” system of innovation best practices, and also was Chief Learning Officer of AutonomouStuff, LLC, a provider of autonomy-enabling technologies and world-class services.

Contact Guy at gfraker@innovatorsedge.io

Wayne Allen, Principal

A self-described recovering lawyer, Wayne is the CEO of IE Advisory, and previously served as CEO of Insurance Thought Leadership, which he joined in 2011. During his 26-year legal career, Wayne advised entrepreneurs and investors with the aspiration of helping people imagine and plan for their best future. Since 2010, Wayne has helped launch various entrepreneurial ventures and held operational positions with them, all of them involving some application of technology, anticipating future consumer/customer demand and expectation. A frequent speaker and innovation facilitator, always relating to innovation and a best future.

Contact Wayne at wallen@innovatorsedge.io

Paul Winston, Principal

Paul Winston is chief operating officer of IE Advisory, coordinating advisory activities, innovation projects and administration of Innovator’s Edge. He previously was COO of Insurance Thought Leadership, having joined the team in 2016 as chief commercial officer. Paul brings more than 25 years of experience in serving the commercial insurance customer’s information needs, along with managing the digital transformation within the B2B publishing industry. Paul Winston previously served as Associate Publisher and Online General Manager of Business Insurance, developing editorial and custom content solutions in digital, print, events and research. Prior to that, he served as Editor and Editorial Director for more than a decade. 

Contact Paul at pwinston@innovatorsedge.io