Insurance Innovation Strategy, Process & Leadership Coaching

Getting launched

We help insurance industry companies launch successful innovation programs, providing the knowledge to anticipate obstacles, accelerate results and repeat success.

Course Correction

All organizations pursuing innovation can require a mid-course correction. We analyze programs and processes to get you unstuck and back on track to your goals.

Taking a big leap

Innovation offers more than operational efficiencies. We show you how to take the next big step to creating new products, services or even new markets.


IE Advisory offers insurance industry companies a complimentary innovation assessment, designed to evaluate whether your program has critical elements for success—especially given A.M. Best’s plan to begin evaluating insurance company innovation efforts. Learn more and schedule your free innovation assessment.

Innovator’s Edge

Innovator’s Edge is an integral part of your innovation strategy, helping you identify tech domains and solutions to accelerate your innovation efforts. Explore specific technologies, insurance value chain focus, funding activity and more. Learn more about Innovator’s Edge and how to start using this platform.

IE Advisory Blog

Access innovation-focused podcast interviews, blog posts on innovation trends and best practices and research reports as part of our library of insurance innovation-focused content. Click to access.

About us

IE Advisory aims to help insurance industry organizations and executives gain the knowledge and skills to operate a successful innovation program that has a measurable impact on the bottom line. Learn more


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